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Senior School Homework
Subject Submission Date Homework : 9 B
Painting Spl.01-04-2020 Photography art 1) Click at least 10 interesting pictures of your surrounding or of the area of your choice. Pick one best picture of your choice and create it in a painting in monochromatic colours. 2) Draw 20 still life sketches in your sketch book.   
Biology30-03-2020 We have discussed about the Permanent Tissues in our previous lessons. On an A-4 sized blank sheet, draw the labelled diagrams for the following: 1. Parenchyma 2. Collenchyma 3. Sclerenchyma 4. Guard and epidermal cells 5. Xylem (tracheids, vessels and parenchyma) 6. Section of a phloem.   
English30-03-2020 1. Please find attached a list of difficult words from the novel 'Animal Farm'. Find the meanings of the words and write them in your grammar notebooks and memorize the meanings. Be prepared for an assessment on the meanings of these words on Monday, the 30th of March. 2. Watch the Nike ad in the given link Internalize and think which of the stories connect a chord with you, which character inspire you and what is the larger message. Write an opinion piece on finding the greatness within all of us. Remember to give your personal response on the ad ( what you liked/did not like/any special mention etc.) in appropriate tone and language. Word limit around 300 to 400 words. Please message if you need any clarity on the homework.   
Vocabulary Exercise.docx  
Mathematics31-03-2020 Complete Exercise 6.3 on lines and angles. Please email the weekend hw by this evening. Mrs Saini  
History31-03-2020 Answer the questions given below on a word document and send it to Q1.List the names of two Indians who responded to the ideas of Revolutionary France. 1 Q2. What were the political rights that the women wanted in France? 3 Q3. Into which two prominent political groups was the Russian Socialist Party divided in 1900? 1 Q4. Name the Russian Parliament formed in 1905 . 1 Q5.Give two social and two political causes for the Russian revolution. 4