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Senior School Homework
Subject Submission Date Homework : 12 C
Mathematics01-04-2020 Attempt the attached Question Bank on Continuity and Differentiability.  
Question Bank Continuity and Differentiability.pdf  
Painting01-04-2020 1) Create any scenery on the canvas of size 18?X24?inches using acrylic colours. 2) Draw 20 still life sketches in your sketch book.   
Painting01-04-2020 1) Referring to the still life pictures available on the Internet, set a similar still life with the objects available at home. Now create two painting from different angles in natural and monochromatic colours. 2) Create two Situational compositions with three human figures. Topic- Market scene and Railway scene. 3) Draw 20 still life sketches in your sketch book.   
Sociology 30-03-2020 Question Bank-Patterns of Social Inequality and Exclusion 1.Discuss how caste system is discriminatory in nature.(2) 2.Give two examples to show how prolonged experience of discrimination behaviour often produces a reaction from the socially excluded group like the dalits.(2) 3.Highlight the importance of integration of the differently abled into the mainstream educational system. (2) 4.How do we decide whether a certain kind of portrayal or depiction is prejudiced or not?(2) 5.Collect two examples of prejudiced behaviour from films or novels.(4) 6.Can you distinguish between instances of prejudice that were intentional and instances that were unintentional with the examples from films/novels. (examples should be different from the examples given for Q3)?(4)   
English30-03-2020 1.Revise the chapters 'Journey to the End of the Earth' and 'Lost Spring'for a review to be conducted next week. 2.Write the first paragraph of your thesis statement and email the same to me. (minimum 100 words). You can choose to work on any one of the texts:-the novels 'The Catcher in the Rye', 'Of Mice and Men', 'The Hound of Baskervilles' or the play 'Othello'.   
Biology31-03-2020 Use the code sent in your email to join my Google class room. Complete the assignment uploaded therein and submit tomorrow.  
Geography30-03-2020 Complete the questions from the Question Bank on Human Development. This question bank has already been mailed to you.  
Mathematics31-03-2020 Watch the you tube video whose link is pasted above. It talks about Exponential growth in context to Covid 19. It also mentions its relation with Logarithm function which we have already studied about. This is not only a very made video, what is special is the Aatish Bhatia and Ritwik Ghosh, both alums of our school have worked on this. Also attempt questions 17 to 22 of exercise 6.5 .