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Senior School Homework
Subject Submission Date Homework : 7 C
Painting Spl.01-04-2020 Expressionism 1) Write about Expressionism in about 400 words. 2) Recreate a painting of any of the Expressionist painter of your choice also write about the artist in 250 words. Min size of the sheet/canvas should be (12?X12?) inches, Use any colour medium of your choice. 3) Draw 20 still life sketches in your sketch book.  
Mathematics30-03-2020 Prepare for an assessment on the learnt concepts of Data Handling (Mean, Median, Mode, Double bar graphs). Also, attempt the activated Mindspark sessions. Group 4 Ishu Lakhanpal  
Mathematics30-03-2020 NCERT: Data Handling Ex 3.3 Attempt Q 3 and Q 6 Also activated sessions of Mindspark Sarabdev Gill  
Mathematics30-03-2020 Complete questions 5,6,7,8,9 from ex 3.1 of NCERT in the notebook. Group 3 Sugandh  
Hindi30-03-2020 बाल महाभारत पुस्तक से 'भीष्म प्रतिज्ञा' कहानी कक्षा कार्य के लिए पढ़े। वसंत पुस्तक से कठपुतली कविता याद करें।   
English30-03-2020 1.Gratitude is an act of being thankful for little gifts of life. Over the last few days, we have been spending time with our families, reading books and playing games with siblings. Make a poster on the topic "5 things I am grateful for today". Get creative and draw a visually appealing poster. Click a picture of the same and email it on 2. Memorise the poem 'The Rebel'(lines 1-16). Make a video of your rendition of the poem and send it to me via whatsapp or as an attachment to email.   
Mathematics31-03-2020 Solve Drill exercise 25 based on Measures of Central tendency. Group 4 Ishu Lakhanpal  
Mathematics31-03-2020 NCERT : Data Handling (Probability ) Attempt questions 1, 2 and 3 from Ex 3.4 ( Pg 76 ). Attempt the assessment on Data Handling, using the link : Question number 8 is on drawing the double bar graph, which you can send me separately. Sarabdev Gill  
Mathematics01-04-2020 Prepare for an online assessment on Mean, Median, Mode and interpreting Bar Graphs to be conducted on Wednesday. Group 1 Poojan Sahil  
Science31-03-2020 Group 3 - You have been learning about different methods by which heat is transferred. Revise the concept well for a written assignment in the next class and draw the following diagrams either on the blank side of your assignment notebook or a blank sheet of paper. Diagrams should be labelled in capital letters. a) Conduction of heat in a metal ball ( Ring and ball apparatus) b) Convection currents in water c) Sea and Land Breeze Submission is tomorrow, the 31st of April.  
Science31-03-2020 Answer the following questions in your assignment notebook: Q1. Illustrate the process of conduction and convection diagrammatically. Q2. Explain sea breeze and land breeze along with diagrams. Also, revise the concept of Heat and Temperature for an assessment to be held on April 1, 2020 (Wednesday) Send the images of your work at by 9pm, tomorrow. (Group 1)  
Science31-03-2020 Group2: We have been learning about "Heat" in class. Do a quick read of all that we have done in the concept as we will be doing an assignment on the same when we meet next. Draw labelled diagrams to show the following processes in your assignment notebook and do send me a picture of the same by tomorrow evening. 1. Conduction 2. Convection 3. Radiation 4. Land and Sea breeze Charu Johar  
Mathematics31-03-2020 Complete questions 3,4,5,6 of ex 3.3 from NCERT in the notebooks Revise for an assessment on Data handling . Group 3 Sugandh