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Senior School Homework
Subject Submission Date Homework : 9 B
Economics24-02-2020 Over the weekend, research on Green Revolution, its impact on developed / developing economies, and overall advantages / disadvantages. This is in preparation for a class debate to be held in the coming weeks. Students will be assigned in the "For" and "Against" group in class next week. More details to follow.  
Mathematics24-02-2020 The above link will take you to an interesting Ted talk on Vedic Math. Watch the video and use the tricks discussed to some numbers of your own . Hence prepare for a quiz on the same on Monday. Poojan Sahil  
Sanskrit24-02-2020 पाठ्य पुस्तक शेमुषी से पाठ सूक्तिमौक्तिकम् से श्लोक ५ याद कीजिए।कार्य पत्र को देख कर अपनी रचनात्मक लेखन में कार्य कीजिए।  
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English24-02-2020 Revise for a plot based review on chapters 6 to 10 of Animal Farm. Using the stimulus of the handout where Stephen had written a letter to his grandmother, re-write the letter using all the points discussed in class. Remember to use descriptive language to make the letter interesting.   
Geography22-02-2020 We are learning about Alfred Wegner's Continental Drift Theory. We have discussed some aspects of the theory in class. Watch the video for more clarity. This will be used for a Class Assignment scheduled for Private Study on Monday, 24th February.