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Senior School Homework
Subject Submission Date Homework : 12 C
Biology24-02-2020 A. Record the experiment on observation of stages of Meiosis under the microscope. B. Revise for a review on Human Reproduction (from gametogenesis till menstrual cycle) for Tuesday 25th February.  
History24-02-2020 Question Bank 3 -Early Societies Social Norms 600 BCE-600CE Questions 3, 6,7,11,1321,23,30  
English24-02-2020 Read the last five chapters of the novel 'The Hound of the Baskervilles' and come prepared for a Listening Skills Assessment to be conducted on Monday. Do remember to read the primary text carefully as the questions asked will be textual .   
Physics25-02-2020 Do the following question in your assignment notebook (Attached)   
Physic HW 20.02.docx  
Economics24-02-2020 Economics E1 Read the article in the given link and express your opinion on the same in a creative way to capture the attention of students of Class 9 and 10. It could be a poster, cartoon, write up. The assessment of this assignment will be done by a sample of VVS juniors.  
Sociology24-02-2020 Market Survey-Visit a market/shopping area in your neighbourhood or in any other place in the city (Delhi or Gurgaon) where you live. Find out who the important traders are and to which community they belong. Select any two traders. Are there particular areas of business that are controlled by particular communities, for instance, jewellery shops, kirana(provisions)shops, the hardware trade, furniture making shops and so on? Are these hereditary family businesses?(6)   
Business Studies24-02-2020 Think about your topic for the Business Studies project and prepare a rough guideline.