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Senior School Homework
Subject Submission Date Homework
Sanskrit21-03-2017 लृट् लकार में धातुओं के रूप तथा तीनों पुरुष के कर्ता एवं क्रिया प्रयोग का अभ्यास पुनरावृति कार्य के लिए कीजिए ।   
Mathematics21-03-2017 GROUP 1 Ms Khosla Revise exercises 6.1 to 6.4 of NCERT for a review tomorrow. Revise parallel questions from RSA as well.  
Mathematics21-03-2017 Ms.Sugandh Group 3 Complete the follow up of the Linear Equations Worksheet in the homework notebook. Complete the follow up of Speed Math 2.   
Mathematics22-03-2017 Group 1 Ms Khosla Do the given worksheet on Linear Equations.  
Mathematics22-03-2017 Ms Sugandh group 3 Revise the concept of Square and Square Roots.   
English22-03-2017 Read Act 1 scene 3 of the play The Merchant of Venice. Make notes in the textbook, mark lines you do not understand and come prepared for an oral discussion. You will be assessed on the questions you ask your classmates, the answers you give etc.