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Senior School Homework
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Psychology02-07-2018 1. PRACTICAL FILE: Enter the basic concept of David's Battery of Differential Aptitude in your practical file. Write about Aptitude- the concept, factors and aptitude test. 2. Use the given question bank to answer ten- 1 mark questions six, 2 marks questions four 3 marks questions six 4mks questions two,6mks questions from the concepts covered in class. (70 mks. total). Make sure you attempt it as a time bound assignment and take not more than 3 and a 1/2 hours to complete it. 3. Watch any film or read a book depicting a psychological disorder /learning disability, (recommended movies- ?Awakenings?, ?My Name Is Khan? and ?Taare Zameen Par?, ?Rain Man?, ?A Beautiful Mind?, ?As Good as it Gets?, ?King?s speech?, ?Shutter Island?, The Black Swan?, ?Memento?, Forrest Gump?, 'Split' Books: ?A Child called ?IT??-by Dave Pelzer 'Still Alice-Lisa Genova My Left Foot-Christy Brown and Answer the following questions: 1) Trace the concept of abnormality over the ages. (4) 2) Briefly explain the disorder/disability depicted in the film/book. (2) 3) What are the symptoms of the disorder? How effectively was the character able to emote these characteristics in the film/book? (4)   
History04-07-2018 A. Reinforcing Indian History: Question Bank5-Understanding India social and economic history through Travelogues of foreigners11th-17th century VSA: 1,2,7 SA: 4,6,10 Question Bank 6 ?Religious patterns of India 8th -16th century VSA: 2, 3,6,10,11 SA:1 LA: 1, 3,4,5 Question Bank 7 ?The Vijayanagara Empire? VSA: 1,2,6 SA: 1,2,4,16 LA: 3 B. Analyzing Primary Sources from ?Makers of Modern India? by Ramachandra Guha. 1. ?The Multiple Agendas of M.K Gandhi (Pages 162-171) and The Annihilator of Caste by B.R.Ambedkar (Pages 213-227) Read these two sources cited to write an essay, ?The Clash of the Titans?,in 500 -700 words 2. The Militant Nationalist: Bal Gangadhar Tilak( Page 115-118) and ?The Necessity for Militant Nationalism?(Pages 120-128) ?The extremists of today will be Moderates of tomorrow, just as the Moderates of today were Extremists yesterday.? Justify this statement of the author Ramchandra Guha in the context of any contemporary nationalist leader in 500 words. Both these essays are competitive and will be given prizes  
Accountancy04-07-2018 1. Solve questions of Partnership firm from the Question Bank ( Board Question Paper 2016,2017 and 2018). 2. Complete the Comprehensive Project.  
Political Science04-07-2018 1. Complete the Question Banks for the all the concepts studied as discussed in class. Answer any four very short questions. Answer any two short questions. Answer any two long questions. 2. Complete all Short Notes. 3. Complete the Timeline. 4. Redo the April Monthly test paper as discussed in class.   
English06-07-2018 Class 12 English Assignments for the Summer Vacation May 2018 Read ?The Invisible Man? like a literature student. Mark portions that need to be discussed in class and identify points of critical study. Note down key elements in each chapter. Please answer the following questions keeping all CBSE parameters in mind. Do not take more than 15 minutes for each long question. Adhere to the word limit (approximately 150-200 words) Answer all the questions in your Question Bank Notebooks. (New Notebooks) All work has to be submitted no later than 6th of July. Section A:(4 questions) Comprehension Passages 1 and 2 Note-making Passages 1 and 2 Section B: Advanced Writing skills: (15 questions) Letters to the Editor: ? (page 30)- Question nos. : 3, 7 Letters of Inquiry ? (page 33)- Questions no. 4, 7 Letters of Placing Orders ? (page 34)- Questions 5,7 Reports ? (page 39) Questions 6, 9 Articles: ? (pages 41-42)- Question nos.: 3, 8, 13, 16 Speech/Debate ? (page 45)- Question nos:3, 5, 8 Section C: Literature: Flamingo Short anwer questions: (2 questions) ? My mother at Sixty Six -page 49- Q. no.(m) ? An Elementary School Classroom- page 51-Q. no. 6 Long answer questions: (8 questions) ? Last Lesson- page 57- Q. no. 1, 3 ? Lost Spring-page 58-Q. no.1, 3 ? Deep Water-page 59- Q. no.1, 6 ? The Rattrap- page 60- 1,9 Vistas Long answer questions: (4 questions) ? Tiger King- page 65- Q. no. 1,3 ? The Enemy- page 66- Q. no. 2,5   
Mathematics09-07-2018 Attempt all questions in the Question Banks of the following concepts 1 Relations and Functions 2 Inverse Trignometric Functions 3 Continuity and Differentiability 4 Application of Derivatives 5 Linear Programming 6 Probability  
Sociology 19-05-2018 1. Complete the Practical File-Follow the instructions given in the class; 2.QB-Patterns of Social Inequality and Exclusion-VSA:7,23; SA:34,37,42;LA:54; 3. QB- Challenges of Cultural Diversity-VSA:2,3,24, SA:42,47,55;LA: 64  
Business Studies04-07-2018 Refer to pages 25-32 of the attached document for the Project guidelines. You are required to get your topic (and product, if doing marketing) approved by me by Wednesday 23rd May. Afterwards, you need to get your content approved by me over email, after which you can start hand writing it.   
Business Studies04-07-2018 Practice Questions from the Business Studies Question Bank: Question Bank 1 : Nature and Significance of Management Question nos. 9, 14, 38, 40, 42, 56 Question Bank 2: Principles of Management Question nos. 5, 12, 14, 15, 23, 34, 37, 44, 52, 64, 72, 77 Question Bank 3: Business Environment Question nos. 5, 9, 14, 20, 21, 34 Question Bank 11: Marketing Management Question nos. 6, 13, 18, 25, 41, 43, 50, 83, 88, 89, 97, 113, 114, 123 Question Bank 12: Consumer Protection Question nos. 3, 12, 15, 17, 23, 34, 46, 47 Also, please revise the concept 'Sources of Finance' done in class 11 as terms like 'Debt' and 'Equity' will be widely used in the concepts 'Financial Management' and 'Financial Markets' that will be completed in July once school resumes.