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Senior School Homework
Subject Submission Date Homework
Business Studies01-05-2018 Syllabus for April Examination 1. Nature and Significance of Management 2. Principles of Management 3. Business Environment 4. Marketing Management 5. Consumer Protection  
Accountancy01-05-2018 Syllabus for April Examination Accounting for Partnership : 1. Fundamentals of partnership Accounting 2. Admission of a Partner 3. Retirement and Death of a PArtner 4. Change in Profit Sharing Ratio 5. Valuation of Goodwill  
History01-05-2018 History Syllabus for April Examination 2018 1. The Harappan Civilation 2. The Poltical and Economic trends India 600BCE-600CE 3.The Social patterns India 600BCE-6OOCE 4. The religious patterns India 600BCE-600CE 5.Perceptions of Society 11th -17th century CE 6.Bhakti and Sufi traditions 6th-17th century CE 7. Maps a)The Haraappan Civilization b) The Mahajanapadas c)Asokan Inscriptions d) Kingdoms India 600 BCE-600CE e) Buddhist sites  
Chemistry04-05-2018 Chemistry syllabus for the April Assessment: Halo alkanes and haloarenes Alcohol and ethers Aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acids Amines and diazonium salts. Experiments: Detection of functional groups Food test.  
Sociology 01-05-2018 Syllabus for April Examination-1) The Demographic Structure of Indian Society 2) Social Institution-Continuity & Change 3) Market as a Social Institution 4) Patterns of Social Inequality & Exclusion 5) Challenges of Cultural Diversity (till Cultural Diversity and the Indian Nation-State-An overview)  
Psychology17-04-2018 April Examination Syllabus: 1. Variations in Psychological Attributes: Intelligence; Aptitude; Creativity 2. Self and Personality- Self; Concept, Nature, Theories, Assessment 3. Meeting Life Challenges: Nature, Types, Theories, Coping; Positive Health; Life Skills 3. Social influence and Group Processes- Nature and Formation of Groups; Group Think. Practicals- 3rd May Maudsley Personality Inventory Global Adjustment Scale Ravens Standard Progressive Matrices Conduction, Recording and Viva  
Bio-Technology03-05-2018 Revise the concepts of Recombinant DNA Technology and Protein Engineering for the April assessment.  
Geography17-04-2018 Syllabus for April Examination: Nature and scope of Geography,The world Population: Distribution, density and growth, Population composition, Human Development,Primary Activities, Secondary Activities, Tertiary Activities, Land Transport.