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Senior School Homework
Subject Submission Date Homework
Political Science01-05-2018 Political Science syllabus for April Examination 1. Cold war 2. Disintegration of Soviet Union 3. American Hegemony 4. Alternate centres of power 5. South Asia 6. India's external relations  
Business Studies01-05-2018 Syllabus for April Examination 1. Nature and Significance of Management 2. Principles of Management 3. Business Environment 4. Marketing Management 5. Consumer Protection  
Accountancy01-05-2018 Syllabus for April Examination Accounting for Partnership : 1. Fundamentals of partnership Accounting 2. Admission of a Partner 3. Retirement and Death of a PArtner 4. Change in Profit Sharing Ratio 5. Valuation of Goodwill  
History01-05-2018 History Syllabus for April Examination 2018 1. The Harappan Civilation 2. The Poltical and Economic trends India 600BCE-600CE 3.The Social patterns India 600BCE-6OOCE 4. The religious patterns India 600BCE-600CE 5.Perceptions of Society 11th -17th century CE 6.Bhakti and Sufi traditions 6th-17th century CE 7. Maps a)The Haraappan Civilization b) The Mahajanapadas c)Asokan Inscriptions d) Kingdoms India 600 BCE-600CE e) Buddhist sites  
Chemistry04-05-2018 Chemistry syllabus for the April Assessment: Halo alkanes and haloarenes Alcohol and ethers Aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acids Amines and diazonium salts. Experiments: Detection of functional groups Food test.  
Economics02-05-2018 Syllabus for Economics (E1): 1. Introduction 2. Consumer Equilibrium and Demand 3. Producer Behaviour and Supply 4. Forms of Market and Price Determination  
Economics02-05-2018 Syllabus for Economics (E1): 1. Introduction 2. Consumer Equilibrium and Demand 3. Producer Behaviour and Supply 4. Forms of Market and Price Determination  
Sociology 01-05-2018 Syllabus for April Examination-1) The Demographic Structure of Indian Society 2) Social Institution-Continuity & Change 3) Market as a Social Institution 4) Patterns of Social Inequality & Exclusion 5) Challenges of Cultural Diversity (till Cultural Diversity and the Indian Nation-State-An overview)  
Psychology03-05-2018 April Examination Syllabus: 1. Variations in Psychological Attributes: Intelligence; Aptitude; Creativity 2. Self and Personality- Self; Concept, Nature, Theories, Assessment 3. Meeting Life Challenges: Nature, Types, Theories, Coping; Positive Health; Life Skills 3. Social influence and Group Processes- Nature and Formation of Groups; Group Think. Practicals- 3rd May Maudsley Personality Inventory Global Adjustment Scale Ravens Standard Progressive Matrices Conduction, Recording and Viva  
English30-04-2018 Syllabus for Jan- April Assessment Class 12 Comprehension of Unseen Passages Note-making Writing Skills: 1. Notice 2. Poster 3. Classified Ads 4. Display Ads 5. Article 6. Speech 7. Letter to the Editor 8. Letter of Inquiry 9. Report Writing Literature: 1. The Hound of the Baskervilles (Novel) 2. The Last Lesson 3. The Tiger King 4. Deep Water 5. Lost Spring 6. The Enemy 7. Rattrap 8. My Mother at 66 9. An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum   
Bio-Technology03-05-2018 Revise the concepts of Recombinant DNA Technology and Protein Engineering for the April assessment.  
Geography17-04-2018 Syllabus for April Examination: Nature and scope of Geography,The world Population: Distribution, density and growth, Population composition, Human Development,Primary Activities, Secondary Activities, Tertiary Activities, Land Transport.