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Senior School Homework
Subject Submission Date Homework
Geography16-11-2017 Prepare for a review on Natural Vegetation and Wildlife. Review will be conducted whenever we have our next class this week.  
Sanskrit15-11-2017 मणिका पाठ्य पुस्तक से "न धर्म वृद्धेषु वय: समीक्ष्यते" के प्रश्न लिख कर उनके उत्तर अपनी साहित्य पुस्तक में लिखिए जिनका।   
Biology15-11-2017 Revise kingdoms Protista and Fungi for a review.  
Mathematics15-11-2017 Prove that the angle subtended by an arc at the centre is twice the angle subtended by the same arc at any other part of the circle. Write the proof (with all the 3 cases) in the Homework notebook.   
Mathematics16-11-2017 Revise the proofs of theorems of Circles discussed in class.  
English16-11-2017 Read chapter number 6-10 from part four of Gulliver's Travels for a discussion scheduled tomorrow.  
Political Science16-11-2017 We are learning about the Fundamental Rights of Indian citizens. Read through the concept from your textbook Democratic Politics for a class discussion.