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Senior School Homework
Subject Submission Date Homework
Sanskrit15-11-2017 लोट् लकार अभ्यास से प्रश्न 4 ,उचित विभक्ति का प्रयोग रिक्त स्थानों में करें , इस प्रश्न का अभ्यास उत्तर पुस्तिका में कीजिए | उत्तर लिखते समय प्रश्न निर्देश तथा प्रश्न अवश्य लिखिए | (दीपमणिका भाग 2 ,पृष्ठ संख्या 38 )   
Social Science15-11-2017 We are learning about the reign of the Mughal Emperors. Read 'The Creation of an Empire' from your text 'Our Pasts II' for a discussion in class tomorrow. (Group 1 Sadhana Shukla; Group 2 Vandana Chak; Group 3 Harmeet Kaur)  
Science16-11-2017 Group 3- Revise for a review on " Acids, Bases and Salts" scheduled for 21st November.  
Science16-11-2017 Group 2 Revise Heat for a review to be held next week   
Science16-11-2017 Group 1: learn the symbols and valencies of elements and radicals and Revise writing chemical formulae and balancing equations for a written assignment to be done in the next Science learning experience.  
Mathematics16-11-2017 Group 1 ( Sarabdev Gill ) Complete the Revision worksheet given today in the class.  
Mathematics16-11-2017 Group 3 (Poojan Sahil) Work on the revision sheet given in class.