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Senior School Homework
Subject Submission Date Homework
Computer Science15-09-2017 Topics for September Review: 1. Basic concepts of C++ - data types, operators, expressions 2. Flow of Control - if-else statements, all types of loops 3. Single Dimensional Arrays - integer arrays and strings 4. Built-in Functions  
Chemistry18-09-2017 Revise for the September Assessment. Chemistry syllabus for the September Assessment: Some basic concepts of Chemistry Structure of Atom Classification pf elements Chemical Bonding States of Matter  
Economics15-09-2017 Revise for the September Assessment. The Syllabus for the Assessment for Economics (E4) is as follows: Indian Economics Indian Economy 1950-1990 Liberalisation, Privatisation, Globalisation Poverty Human Capital Formation in India Statistics Importance of Statistics in Economics Collection of Data   
Accountancy18-09-2017 Revise following concepts for the September Assessment- Introduction to Accounting, Theory base of Accounting, Journal and Ledger,Cash Book, Subsidiary books , Depreciation and Provisions and Reserves.  
Biotechnology18-09-2017 September assessment Biotechnology syllabus Biomolecules, Replication, Transcription  
Geography14-09-2017 Geography syllabus for the September assessment : Climate Change, India's Location, Physiographic divisions of India, Drainage, Natural disasters and Hazards. Relevant map work.  
Sociology18-09-2017 Syllabus for the September Assessment- 1.Social Thinkers 2.Terms and Concepts and their uses in the Society 3.Research Process 4.Culture and Socialization 5.Family, Marriage and Kinship 6.Education  
Political Science18-09-2017 Political Science syllabus for the September Examination: Democratic and Non Democratic governments Presidential and Parliamentary governments Federal and Unitary governments Executive, Legislature and Judiciary Development of Political thought and Renaissance Development of Liberal theory Liberalism, Socialism and Marxism   
Mathematics15-09-2017 Syllabus for September Assessment 2017 Relations and Functions Trigonometric Functions Linear Inequalities Complex Numbers Sequences and Series Binomial Theorem Permutation and Combination Straight Lines ( only concepts covered up to first exercise.)   
Psychology14-09-2017 Please revise the following concepts for the assessment: 1. What is Psychology 2. Methods of Inquiry 3. Bases of Human Behaviour (Biological basis) 4. Human Development 5. Attentional, Sensory and Perceptual Processes 6. Learning (till Cognitive Learning)  
Biotechnology18-09-2017 Revise for the upcoming reviews