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Senior School Homework
Subject Submission Date Homework
Hindi14-09-2017 'भारत की कहानियाँ' पुस्तक से 'सुजाता' कहानी कक्षा कार्य के लिए पढ़कर आयें। कामचोर नाटक के लिए अपने-अपने पात्र के संवाद याद करें।   
Mathematics14-09-2017 Group 3 Sugandh Do the follow up of the speed math and factorisation review given in the class today.  
Social Science15-09-2017 Group 1: Revise the concept "The Revolt of 1857" for a class review scheduled for tomorrow the 15th of September.   
Social Science15-09-2017 (Group 2 and 3) Read ?The Rise of Nationalism? (pages 314 ? 318) from Puffins History of India for a discussion in class and a written assignment.  
Mathematics15-09-2017 Group 3 Sugandh Complete the Mindspark revision worksheet on squares and square roots