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Senior School Homework
Subject Submission Date Homework
Science14-09-2017 Groups 1 and 3: We are learning about "Heat" in class. Collect information on any one gadget/appliance that works on the principle of "Thermal Expansion" and be prepared to present it in class tomorrow.   
Science14-09-2017 Group 2 We live in a hot country and everyone can not afford an air conditioner. Thus design a house which is insulated and keeps the outside heat away and keeps the house cool in summers. This can be in terms of selection of material, certain features installed etc.   
Mathematics14-09-2017 Group 1 (Sarabdev Gill) Drill Math: Attempt all questions of Ex 33   
English15-09-2017 Complete the worksheet on Précis Writing given in class today.  
Mathematics15-09-2017 Group 1 ( Sarabdev Gill ) NCERT: Simple Equations Attempt questions 1 and 3 from Ex 4.4  
Mathematics15-09-2017 Group 3 (Poojan Sahil) Complete drill exercise 35 and 36