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Senior School Homework
Subject Submission Date Homework
Sanskrit14-09-2017 कक्षा में बताए गए अव्यय शब्दों को अर्थ सहित श्रुतलेख के लिए तैयार कीजिए ।   
Hindi14-09-2017 नादान दोस्त ''कहानी के पुनरावृत्ति में हुई गलतियों की चर्चा कक्षा में की गई । चर्चा के अनुसार सुधार कार्य को साहित्य नोटबूक में लिखिए ।   
Science15-09-2017 Group 1 Revise for a review on Foods and its components. Review will be held some time next week.  
Science15-09-2017 Group 3:We have been learning about "Food in class. Revise the same for a review to be held in the private study next week.  
Science15-09-2017 Group 2- You have been learning about the various components of food, balanced diet, healthy eating habits, malnutrition, vitamin and mineral deficiency diseases and testing of samples of food. Prepare for a review scheduled for Monday, the 18th of September.  
Mathematics15-09-2017 Group 1 (Poojan Sahil) Complete the Mindspark topics on "Ratio and Proportions" also revise about Frequency Distribution tables and tally marks for a discussion on the same tomorrow.