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Senior School Homework
Subject Submission Date Homework
Hindi16-08-2017 आप सभी ने इस सप्ताह पुस्तकालय से लेकर देशभक्तों व उनके जीवन से संबन्धित पुस्तकें पढ़ी है। आप जान गए होंगे कि आज़ादी पाने के लिए भारतीयों ने कितने संघर्ष किए हैं । आज़ादी से आज तक भारत की तरक्की का उल्लेख करते हुए उसकी 70वीं वर्षगांठ पर 'आगे बढ़ता भारत' विषय पर 250 शब्दों का एक निबंध लिखिए। कविता संग्रह से ' आज़ादी मिलना क्या पूर्ण विराम हो गया'  
English14-08-2017 All Groups Write a debate on any one of the following motions. Choose either For or Against the motion. This House believes that 'Sports Stars should be positive role models ' or 'People should be fined for not recycling'. (speaking time 2 minutes) You will be marked on manner, matter and method.  
English14-08-2017 Hello kiddos! Another weekend full of possibilities has found its way to you and here is something to add to the excitement.. yes, your weekend homework! :) In about 180 words, write a debate on one of the following motions: 'Sports stars should be positive role models' or 'People should be fined for not recycling'. You can choose to speak either For or Against the motion. (Speaking time - 2 minutes) Memorize the debate for rendition. This will serve as your audition for the Inter-Section Debate Competition. You will be assessed on the content of your debate as well as your delivery. Have fun writing your debate. Spend time practising it. Have a great weekend!  
Mathematics15-08-2017 Revise for a review on factorisation by middle term splitting. Group 2  
Sanskrit16-08-2017 तत् (पुल्लिंग )सर्वनाम शब्द सभी विभक्तियों में याद कीजिए |  
Science16-08-2017 The Human eye: Please research and prepare for a graded presentation in the classroom about any one defect of the eye ( myopia,hypermetropia,or presbyopia).  
Science15-08-2017 Group 3 For the Cricket lovers- In the given worksheet diagram of a human eye is drawn. It resembles cricket field in its shape. Various positions of the cricket field have been marked in this diagram. You are required to write the name of the part of the eye corresponding to the position of the cricket field in the given table.