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Senior School Homework
Subject Submission Date Homework
English04-07-2018 Read the novel 'Treasure Island' by Robert Louis Stevenson. Make sure that all the important points that are important either to the plot, themes or characters are marked in the text. Thus make use of annotations as discussed in class. Read at least one more novel of your choice from the reading list. Come prepared to share your ideas about the novel/short stories.   
Hindi04-07-2018 'प्रेमचंद की तेरह बाल कहानियाँ' से 'दो बैलों की कथा','पंच परमेश्वर','बड़े भाई साहब','पूस की रात' और 'नमक का दरोगा' कहानियाँ पढ़ें व 'यू-ट्यूब' पर इन कहानियों पर आधारित नाटक भी देखें|'   
Life Science 204-07-2018 Wild Wisdom Quiz organised by WWF will be held in school sometime in August. Students who have registered for the preliminary round can prepare for the quiz using the links and the reading material provided by WWF.   
Wisdom- Nugget_Edition1-2018.pdf   Wisdom-Nugget_Edition-2-2018.pdf   Wisdom-Nugget_Edition-3-2018.pdf