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Senior School Homework
Subject Submission Date Homework : 9 B
History14-04-2021 Since we have been studying about the French Revolution and we have spoken about the relevance of Jack and Jill ( the nursery rhyme) in context of the French Revolution.Find a nursery rhyme which has a historical relevance and explain it in detail. Also please illustrate or draw a picture of the same . Do not copy paste pictures/explainations from the net.   
Mathematics15-04-2021 Do all questions of exercise 1E and questions 2 and 3 of exercise 1F of ATOM. Sukhda Khosla  
English14-04-2021 You have been divided into groups and have had a discussion on topics related to George Orwell and his novel Animal Farm, research on your topic and start working on the presentation your group is to make.   
Physics15-04-2021 Answer the following questions in the assignment notebook, scan and upload in the Google Classroom. 1. Write with illustration, 2 examples each of uniform and non uniform motion.(4) 2. The displacement of a moving object in a given interval of time is zero. Would the distance travelled by the object also be zero? Justify your answer. (3) 3. A car travels 25km in 3 hours. Calculate its speed in m/sec. (3) 4. A vehicle moving at the rate of 80km/hr will cover how much distance in 5.5hrs?(3) 5. A farmer moves along one side of a square field of 10m in 40 seconds. What will be the magnitude of displacement of the farmer at the end of 2 minutes 40 seconds from his initial position if he moves along the boundary of the field? (2)   
Sanskrit14-04-2021 आज के गृह कार्य में आपको दो कार्य करने हैं - १। Google Classroom पर दिए गए क्त्वा और ल्यप् प्रत्यय पर दिए गए Google Form के प्रश्नों के उत्तर दीजिए! २। कारक पर आधारित कार्य पत्र यहाँ दिया जा रहा है इसे अपनी व्याकरण पुस्तक में लिख कर Google Classroom पर दे दीजिए।  
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