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Senior School Homework
Subject Submission Date Homework
Biology16-10-2017 Conduct a survey in your neighbourhood and tabulate 5 most prevelant diseases, their causes, common symptoms and their preventive measures in your assignment notebook.  
Physics13-10-2017 Work and Energy: Please find the attached sheet and solve the questions based on the concept of work done.  
Grade 9 Phy.doc  
Chemistry16-10-2017 Record the following experiment in your practical file: To study the reaction of heating Copper Sulphate Crystals.  
Mathematics14-10-2017 Prepare for the Review on Quadrilaterals to be held on Monday.  
Sanskrit16-10-2017 दिए गए रचनात्मक कार्य को अपनी रचनत्मक लेखन पुस्तक में कीजिए तथा हलन्त शब्द रूप याद कीजिए।   
46026 SK QP.pdf  
English14-10-2017 1.Revise 'Gullivers Travels' part 3 for a theme- based Review on Monday. 2. Complete the technological work assigned on the third part of the novel( Website). Do remember to make detailed references to at least 3 places that you will be taking up as a tour guide. Using audio -visual details will provide a creative edge to your website. Mail the link to your website at