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Senior School Homework
Subject Submission Date Homework
Political Science16-10-2017 Complete the question bank for the concepts in contemporary Indian politics Write answers to 1. At least 4 very short questions 2. At least 2 short questions 3. At least 2 long question. for each of the topics.  
Economics13-10-2017 Economics E1 Prepare for a review on Government Budget and Foreign Exchange Rate. The review is scheduled for Monday, 16th October,2017.  
Business Studies16-10-2017 Prepare for a review on 'Controlling'.  
Sociology13-10-2017 Practical Project-Incorporate all the corrections suggested with regard to the Practical file and submit your 2nd draft.  
History13-10-2017 Learn Partition of India for a review on Monday   
Accountancy14-10-2017 Issue of shares - Solve Q 77,79 and 81 from the ex.  
English16-10-2017 Read the stories 'Going Places' and 'Evans takes the 'O' Level' and come prepared for a review to be held on Monday.