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Senior School Homework
Subject Submission Date Homework
Biology16-07-2018 1. Record the experiments on Osmosis, Respiration and Transpiration. 2. Revise for a review on Animal tissues to be held on Monday.  
Geography13-07-2018 We are learning about the structure and physiography of India. Answer the following questions in your assignment notebooks. Q1. Explain the formation of Himalayas in your own words. ( 5marks) Q2. Describe the five sub-divisions of Himalayas. ( 2 marks each)  
Economics13-07-2018 Economics E4 We have discussed the central problems of the economy in class today. Think of the challenges that a developing country as India and a developed country as Canada faces in terms of these problems and write about the same in 150-200 words.  
Accountancy14-07-2018 Revise complex journal entries.  
Computer Science14-07-2018 Revise all C++ concepts taught for a review on Monday.  
Biotechnology14-07-2018 Revise the process of DNA replication for a class discussion.  
English16-07-2018 Choose from the two motions given below and write a debate(either For or against the motion)in about 300-350 words. 1. This House would delete facebook. 2. This House would allow prisoners to choose death over a life sentence. Include valid and convincing content to establish your argument. Be familiar with the content of your speech - you will be penalised for reading the speech, however you can use cue cards to help you recall points. Alter the length of your debate to ensure that the rendition DOES NOT EXCEED 2 minutes. Marks will be awarded for the written piece and the rendition individually.