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Senior School Homework
Subject Submission Date Homework
Mathematics13-07-2018 Sugandh Complete questions 1 to 6 of ex 12.1 from NCERT based on exponents in your notebooks  
Mathematics13-07-2018 Group 3 (Ishu Lakhanpal) : Complete the follow-up of the Speed Maths and assignment worksheet returned today.  
Social Science13-07-2018 Revise for a review on The revolt of 1857.  
Mathematics13-07-2018 Poojan Sahil: Solve questions 1, 2 and 3 from the 2nd exercise of exponents in RS Agarwal.  
Mathematics13-07-2018 Poojan Sahil: Solve Drill Exercise 88  
English16-07-2018 In about 200 words, write a debate either FOR or AGAINST either of the following motions: 1. Schools should punish cyber bullying that happens outside its premises. OR 2. Students should not be graded on their handwriting. Memorise the debate for rendition on Monday. Your rendition SHOULD NOT EXCEED 2 minutes.   
Mathematics16-07-2018 Poojan Sahil: Complete the given sheet on Exponents. Also, prepare for a review on the learnt concepts of Exponents on Monday  
Mathematics14-07-2018 Sugandh Complete ex 2C of RSA based on exponents in the notebooks. Revise Exponents for a review on monday.  
Mathematics16-07-2018 Sarabdev Gill Exponents: Complete the Drill Math Ex 83 and 84   
Mathematics16-07-2018 Ishu Lakhanpal : Solve the following questions from NCERT Ex 12.1 in your Mathematics notebook- Qs 2 (ii, iii, iv), 3(iii, iv, v), 6( i, ii), 7 (i, ii)  
Hindi16-07-2018 'रिएलिटि शो' धन व नाम कमाने का साधन बन गया है। विषय के पक्ष तथा विपक्ष में अपने विचार लिखकर वाद-विवाद वाचन के लिए तैयार करें।