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Senior School Homework
Subject Submission Date Homework
History22-02-2019 Revise for February Assessment 1.London all aspects 2. Bombay -Presidency City, prime city ,expansion  
Physics18-02-2019 Revise the following topics for the February Exam- 1.Electric Current 2.SI unit of Current 3.Number of elections in 1 Ampere current 4.Electric Potential and Potential Difference 5.SI unit of Potential 6.Simple Electric Circuit and it's components 7.Ammeter and Voltmeter 8.Ohm's Law 9.Resistance of a metallic conductor 10.Numericals based on all the above topics   
Economics14-02-2019 The Syllabus for February Assessment is the concept of Sectors of the Economy. Revise it for Homework.