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Senior School Homework
Subject Submission Date Homework : 11 C
Sociology07-08-2020 11E3- Terms, Concepts and their Uses in the Society- 1) Do your friends or others of your age group influence you? Are you concerned with their approval or disapproval about the way you dress, behave, the kind of music you like to listen to or the kind of films you prefer? Do you consider it to be social pressure? Discuss. (6) 2) Write a poem of four stanzas, four lines each on Peer Pressure. (8) 3) Discuss any three statuses and three roles for each status of your mother or father. Comment on her/his master status. (3+1) Do all three questions on separate sheets. Send your work to   
Mathematics07-08-2020 Exponents, questions 7,8,9 (all parts) from the picture uploaded on google classroom. Please upload HW on GCR as well Mrs Saini