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Senior School Homework
Subject Submission Date Homework : 7 C
Mathematics06-08-2020 We discussed Scientific notation of numbers in class today. Some real world applications of exponential numbers include - 1. Scientific scales like the pH scale 2. Richter scale to measure an earthquake's intensity 3. Computer Science 4. Astronomical distances and measurements 5. Large Numbers ...and many more Following links will take you to some interesting reads on the application of exponents in real life. Choose 2 facts that interest you and post them on the following padlet. An example has been done for you on the padlet itself. Do not forget to write your name and upload a relevant picture with your posts. Once you have posted on the padlet, mark this homework done on the Google Classroom. Happy learning! Group 4 Ishu Lakhanpal  
Life Science06-08-2020 The the link to upload your project on Spring has been sent to your school email id. Please submit it.   
Social Science06-08-2020 I have sent a link to you all to submit your Newspaper on the Dynasty that ruled during Medieval Period in India. Please submit your projects. (Sadhana Shukla)  
Mathematics07-08-2020 Solve drill exercises 100 and 101, based on Exponents and Powers. Group 4 Ishu Lakhanpal  
Mathematics10-08-2020 NCERT: Exponents Attempt questions from Ex 13.2 Sarabdev Gill  
Mathematics07-08-2020 Solve the attached puzzle and send a picture of the solution in the google classroom. Group 3 Sugandh  
decimals tarshia puzzle.docx