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Junior School Homework
Subject Submission Date Homework
Mathematics13-10-2017 Group 1: complete follow up of the given worksheet.   
Mathematics13-10-2017 Group 3 Complete the questions on measurement given in Math 2.  
Mathematics13-10-2017 Group 2 workout sums on rounding off given on page 57 of the workbook.   
Mathematics16-10-2017 Group 2 workout sums on measurement given in the Math notebook.   
Mathematics16-10-2017 Group 3 workout sums on measurement given in the Math notebook.  
Hindi16-10-2017 दिए गए कागज़ पर हरित दिवाली मनाने के चार कारणों को लिखते हुए उसका चित्रांकन करें।   
Mathematics16-10-2017 Group 1: complete sums on addition and subtraction of measurement got Ben in the   
English16-10-2017 Choose a speech of an important leader and bring it to class on Monday to get ready for the Declamation Competition.   
Life Science16-10-2017 Read about the celebrations that accompanied the return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya after his long exile and battle with Ravan and write a paragraph of about 15 lines to compare and contrast it with the celebrations for the Festival of Lights in the present time.