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Junior School Homework
Subject Submission Date Homework : 5 A
Mathematics06-08-2020 Solve the worksheet on LCM/HCF and prime factorisation assigned on Mindspark.  
Life Science10-08-2020 1) Watch the video on diseases caused by mosquitoes and do the activity mentioned in the worksheet for a discussion. Complete the labelling of the given diagram on the Life cycle of a mosquito and colour the diagram carefully. 2) Be prepared for the spellings quiz based on the worksheet given on Friday on the Life Cycle of a Mosquito  
Mosquito borne diseases.doc  
Mathematics07-08-2020 Solve the questions on LCM/HCF in your Math 1. Click a picture of the same and upload it to your assignment in the Google Classroom for submission. Also, complete your pending home assignment and upload it on Google Classroom.